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Michael Heralda has recorded three CDs that reflect his "Aztec Stories" program. Please note that the first CD titled "Aztec Stories" has sold out and no reprints are planned. The Ketzalkoatl magazine is also out-of-print and no reprints are planned.

Ordering information is below along with brief descriptions of each item for sale. Shipping and handling charges listed reflect shipping in the continental U.S. only. For information on international shipping charge fees please e-mail Michael at: michaelheralda@aol.com



  "Miccailhuitl - The Journey to Mictlan"  The third CD from Michael Heralda’s “Aztec Stories” project.

If you are interested in the indigenous origins of the tradition celebrated around the world commonly referred to as "Dia de Los Muertos/Day of the Dead" then you and all those close to your heart will enjoy this new work by Michael Heralda - creator of the "Aztec Stories" project (an educational, cultural, musically interactive program for all ages)!

A year-and-a-half of research culminated in the recording of ancient Nahuatl poetry, oral tradition stories, narratives and songs all set to indigenous music.  Philosophical relationships between Life and Death, from an indigenous perspective, are also presented and shared throughout this new work. This is an educational resource.

Included with the CD is a 24-page booklet that describes in detail each of the tracks.  And a complete listing (with some photos) of all indigenous instruments used in the recordings is also included for instructor/teacher/listener reference.

Here is what one listener had to say about Michael’s new work:

“I just finished listening to your CD for the third time---it is an awesome contribution to art, culture, and the struggle to educate our people about our indigenous traditions. Te aventaste…”  – Carlos Aceves, Canutillo Elementary School (El Paso, Texas).


"Miccailhuitl -

The Journey to Mictlan"

List Price: $20.00
Shipping & Handling: $3.00
Availability: Usually ships within 7 days



The beautiful sounds of indigenous instruments are heard throughout this CD - handmade instruments like the Huehuetl and Teponaztli drums, clay and wooden flutes, the atecocolli (conch shell trumpet), ayotl drums (turtle shells), the xiuhkoatl (fire stick), rasps, shakers, and numerous hand drums.

Children’s songs, narratives, poetry, and instrumental songs will be discovered and enjoyed on this CD. One of the most important oral tradition stories of all time, “The Last Mandate of Kuauhtemoktzin,” is included and narrated in classic Náhuatl by Mariano Leyva, Director of La Universidad Náhuatl. This famous speech is reproduced, in the CD booklet, in the classic Náhuatl, English, and Spanish.

This series of recordings are recommended for all ages and this CD comes with a 24-page handmade booklet.


Tonalmachyotl - The Memory Stone CD & 24-Page Booklet

List Price: $20.00
Shipping & Handling: $3.00
Availability: Usually ships within 7 days

Recorded in 1996, this is the first “Aztec Stories” CD. All songs are based on documented information and include stories from a European perspective.

Contemporary electric/acoustic instruments are used throughout the songs and narratives.

This CD is recommended for mature audiences. Much of the subject matter on this CD relates stories based on the arrival of the Spaniards and the great devastation that followed.

Coming Soon - A link to download selected tracks from this CD (those songs that retain an indigenous perspective). Stay tuned for more information on when they will be available.

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Aztec Stories- The First

CD SOLD OUT – No Longer Available.


List Price: N/A
Shipping & Handling: N/A
Availability: N/A





Ketzalkoatl is a bilingual cultural magazine. Every article is in English and Spanish. This is a 36-page cultural resource with a focus on indigenous knowledge. There is no advertising in this publication.

The first issue contains an oral tradition story adapted for interactive student theatre presentation (a valuable resource for teachers), an introduction to indigenous philosophy, the structure of our numbers, an article that introduces concepts related to the Tonalpoualli – the calendar that reveals the days of our destiny/energy, and more.


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Ketzalkoatl Bilingual Cultural Magazine

SOLD OUT – No Longer Available.


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Coming Soon - The First Issue of Ketzalkoatl will soon be available as a PDF file to download - more information to come.