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Welcome to Michael Heralda's "Aztec Stories"

Man Ze Kualli Tonalli Ximo Panoltik

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Check out the new interview 'Miccailhuitl - The Journey to Mictlan ...an interview with Michael Heralda' by Tokoztli at Aztlan Media Kollective

Michael Heralda has presented "Aztec Stories" this culturally educational, musical, and interactive program, to students and interested listeners of all ages throughout the U.S.

The stories, ballads, and narratives presented in this program are all true and based on documented accounts of what is termed the oral tradition - stories handed down through families, generation after generation.

Many handmade indigenous styled instruments are used and shared throughout the presentations - clay flutes, Huehuetl and Teponaztli drums, gourd water drums, shakers, rasps, conch shell trumpets, and many other unique instruments all made from readily available materials giving the listener the understanding that musical instruments can be made from natural elements that surround you.

"Aztec Stories" is an intriguing and thought provoking way to learn about the culture of ancient Mexico and the indigenous worldview of the Mexika (me-shee-ka/Aztecs). For some it may be a way to reconnect to a wonderfully rich legacy that unfortunately lies dormant within them, buried for many, many years and generations. For others it may awaken a new understanding of a culture that was revealed only through the eyes of the Europeans where the beauty, art, and high levels of sophisticated philosophical understanding were ignored or suppressed.

Michael continually develops new programs and evolves existing "Aztec Stories" presentations. Listed below are some of the themes to choose from:

Aztec Stories musical/Interactive presentations – this is one of the most popular programs for libraries and schools K-12.

Oral Tradition Storytelling presentations – Layers of knowledge and wisdom are embedded in the stories. Most engaging for the very young and young at heart! Many philosophical concepts are revealed in oral tradition stories.

Dia de Los Muertos presentation titled "Miccailhuitl – The Journey to Mictlan" - This program reveals from the indigenous perspective the origins of what is commonly known throughout the world today as "Dia de Los Muertos/Day of the Dead." All the information shared predates the arrival of the Europeans on this continent. This is a very specialized, personal, and intimate presentation. This presentation is recommended for students (6th through 12th grade) and for adults who seek a more meaningful understanding of this very personal ceremony and celebration.

The Seven Warrior Foods of the Mexica People presentation. This presentation will reintroduce seven very important native/indigenous foods that were the staple diet of the Mexica (Aztec) warriors. These foods are also for anyone who wants to live a healthy life. Information as well as nutritional benefits will be shared in an engaging presentation of stories and music.

Please note: All of the programs listed above include Michael Heralda and one additional supporting musician. Solo presentations may be scheduled based on the venue and event. All presentations are INTERACTIVE and each presentation is designed for the specific audience in attendance by age and interest level.

Contact the artist directly for special request presentations. Presentations are primarily in English with many Nahuatl words, phrases, and indigenous concepts shared and explained. Some songs and poems are trilingual - Nahuatl, Spanish, English.

CD's are available on-line (PayPal orders)

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For a detailed listing of fees and all related costs for single and multiple presentations and workshops please e-mail the artist at: michaelheralda@aol.com Please include in your e-mail address, the name of hosting organization, proposed date of event, and all contact information such as phone numbers, event site address, e-mail, web page and best time to contact organization representative

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Contact information:

Michael Heralda
P.O. Box 50221
Los Angeles, CA 90050
Telephone: 323-633-9599
E-mail: michaelheralda@aol.com
Web site: www.aztectories.com